Bynge is a mobile app for serialised content where you can read bite-sized stories and ideas published by new and established writers across India.

A serial comprises of several short episodes that are released according to a schedule (usually bi-weekly). Many episodes are free to read, and others are freemium episodes where you need to use coins to unlock. Alternatively, if you run out of coins you can wait for a specified time to gain access to the locked episode.

The first three episodes of ALL serials on Bynge are free, so you'll always get the chance to preview serials before you dive in.

Below are the sections you will see on the Bynge app:

  1. Discover - Here you can discover new & upcoming serials in the language of your choice.
  2. Search - Search for your favorite serials & writers. Search by genres and find the most searched serials.
  3. For You - You can find unread & upcoming episodes for all of your subscribed serials. Also, find serials especially recommended for you.
  4. Get Coins - This is your wallet where you can hold your coins and understand means to earn more.
  5. Profile - Everything else including personal settings, language settings, terms of service, privacy policy and access to our help section.

Are you a writer?

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